[NTLK] Another Christchurch Earthquake

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Good to hear that you're all okay...and good thing your friends came to visit, as they did. Strange how things happen that way.

I had (finally!) responded last night to a message you'd left me some weeks ago...I sent it from the Newton but got several error messages afterwards, leading me to wonder if you'd even received it. I was about to send another...but I see you had much more important things happening around you!

Take care and be safe,


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>Hi Folks
>Just survived another Christchurch Earthquake.
>We waited a couple of seconds before gathering up the children and running for
>the doors.  Our friends had come for coffee but we convinced them to stay for
>lunch.  Just as well as their house collapsed and they would almost certainly
>have been severely injured otherwise.
>The epicenter and depth was much closer and shallower this time so the shaking
>was much more violent.  There is a lot more damage this time.  Being a work day
>and around lunch time many people were in the inner city where most of the
>carnage can be found.
>Airport closed, power down to 80% of the city; this time modern hotel buildings
>have collapsed; most historic buildings flattened.
>All children were evacuated from schools.  Fortunately no one hurt there.  All
>home safe and sound.
>Tony Kan
>New Zealand
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