[NTLK] [FT] MessagePad 130

Richard Plume rplume at sympatico.ca
Sun Feb 20 15:59:07 EST 2011

For Trade:
I've got a MessagePad 130 that's in great condition, with a bight
backlight. It also has the original stylus, a manual (although that's a
bid dog-eared) and a PCMCIA slot protector card. I have the original box
but it has a tear in one corner and the end flaps have been pushed in a
bit at some point (it's not perfect).
I don't use it anymore so I'm looking to trade for another
PDA/rangefinder camera that I would use. I'm looking for a MobilePro
700, Handera 330, Sharp PT-9000 or an Olympus 35RD camera.
If you're interested contact me by email.

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