[NTLK] trouble building iOS Einstein

Tony Douglas tonyisyourpal at netscape.net
Sat Feb 19 11:03:17 EST 2011

Yes - 8 * 1024 * 1024 = 8388608. Disk doesn't use powers of two and goes in round thousands, so thinks 8 mbyte should be 8 * 1000 * 1000, hence the fib about 8.4Mb.

- Tony

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double *grumble* 

this time, i've tried compiling for the simulator, and it compiles fine, but 
when it launches asks for a newton ROM.

i put my rom file, the one i use for the desktop version of Einstein, in the 
_Data_ directory, named "717006", per the instructions. the same ROM that works 
in the desktop version should work for the iOS version, yes?

the instructions say the ROM should be 8 megs, but mine is, per "get info":
8.4 MB on disk (8,388,608 bytes)

does that sound right?


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