[NTLK] How to reclaim storage space?

Doug McComber ba969 at chebucto.ns.ca
Thu Feb 17 14:53:41 EST 2011

> Ron:
> You can stll use POP...just be prepared to "defragment" often.
> Another idea is to find an IMAP ISP (such as Gmail) and forward that email to YOUR ISP, with like a "vacation" setting or something similar.
> Thanks,
> --Forrest
A problem is that it is becoming harder to find IMAP providers that offer 
non-ssl connections.  Gmail doesn't, neither does Fastmail.  The provider 
I am using for this email is a "Community Net" that still supports a 
text-only (no PPP or SLIP) connection for those who want it, so they still 
offer non-ssl IMAP connections to.

As for my ISP not allowing port 25 connections to other SMTP providers I 
suppose I could set up an SSH tunnel listening on port 25 and tunneling to 
port 25 on the email providers end.  But that is, well... too much of an 
effort for one little old eMate. :)


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