[NTLK] How to reclaim storage space?

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> Ah yes, the mailv memory leak, I remember it. I would have to look back at my notes for the precise solution, basic idea is to use two memory cards, configure mailv to save to card, and from time to time wipe the mp to recover memory. Scarry the first time but not that bad, a lingering annoyance.
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> DouglasMcComber <mccomber at eastlink.ca> wrote:
> Hi, I'm new to NOS and I've got Mail V running successfully (I'm getting this list with it). The problem is, even though I am deleting email after I've read it, I am running out of storage (eMate 300, not external storage card) as if I didn't delete them. I've checked "All Items" to be sure and there is nothing in my In/Out box whatsoever. I have SBM Utilities and have from the cleaner which reclaimed about 47kb but prior to receiving list emails I had over 200kb free and haven't installed anything since. Thanks, Doug____________________________________________

I recall reading somewhere that if you save MailV to a storage card, occasionally back it up, format the card and restore its data...you'll be able to reclaim that lost space.

Can't recall where I read that, though....


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