[NTLK] NewtonOS ROM Source Code

Andy Hill adhill at fastmail.co.uk
Tue Feb 15 14:44:06 EST 2011

Hi Susan

For me that *is* the beauty of the Newton and the irony of it's demise.

In my view the Newton was already enough but as we all know enough
doesn't make money or satisfy the human instinct for more, for faster,
for newer.

It is a perfect metaphor.

Folks can call me an idealist or worse if they wish.

Good on you and your friend for dusting them off. There is plenty there
to enjoy, just depends on one's personal rules.


On 15/02/11 15:21, S.T. Woodrow wrote:
> Whenever I consider buying an iPad......I remember the value of  
> what I already have in hand, my 2100.
> Susan (rare female user)
> Boston

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