[NTLK] Converted Guy Kawasaki's "The Apple Way" with newton press

Stephen Rudy srudy at cudc.org
Mon Feb 14 23:22:11 EST 2011

It just felt like the right way to read "The Apple Way" was to do it on the Newton. I did it the quick and easy way. PDF reader, select all, paste in notepad save, add file in newton press, convert to package.

I didn't add any images, or fix any page breaks or anything, so it is indeed a bit of a mess, but the text is still very readable and enough to get me reading.

Not really groundbreaking newton news I know, and I'm probably not the only one to do this, but I decided to "geek out" and share my success none-the-less.

I think Mr. Kawasaki would make folks laugh a little if his free ebook was also available right there as a Newton e-book too.  :)

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