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~~~ On 2011/02/14 10:53, Tony Kan at tony.kan at clear.net.nz wrote ~~~

> I suspect that the main obstacle with a roll-you-own-Newt isn't the technical
> issues but the legal ones.

I suspect you're right, Tony.

There's a nagging thought in the back of my mind, at at the risk of showing
just how naïve I really am, is there absolutely no point in approaching
Apple and asking them to license the necessary stuff to us, as a good-will
gesture to people who have remained loyal to this product all this time?

I imagine we'd have to create some kind of legal entity (consisting of the
folks who are actually doing the work) that could receive and bear
responsibility for such a licence, and give certain undertakings not to
become a leaking bucket for others to exploit commercially such a privilege
in ways that could damage Apple, but -- do we know for sure that they would
really say no?  Or just assuming that they would show no good will whatever
to us in our attempt to maintain this amazing platform?

OK, now that I've exposed myself to the harsh burning light or commercial
reality and the mockery of the savvy, I'll crawl back into my hole.  :-)


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