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Michael J. Hußmann michael at michael-hussmann.de
Mon Feb 14 15:11:34 EST 2011

Dennis B. Swaney (romad at aol.com) wrote:

> Nah, Apple doesn't give a rat's ass about it's loyal customers.

I may count as a loyal customer on the strength of the six Macs I've
bought after the Newton's demise (or the three Macs I've bought before).
On the other hand, someone believing to be a loyal customer just because
he or she has bought one or more Newtons back in the 90s (two
MessagePads and an eMate in my case) and never anything from Apple ever
again would naturally be regarded as an ex-customer. Customer loyalty
means little if it doesn't translate to actual buying decisions. (This
is a phenomenon I'm familiar with from the camera market: there are
photographers picturing themselves as loyal customers of some camera
vendor even when the last time they've actually bought something from
that vendor was 10 or more years ago.)

- Michael

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