[NTLK] Gophering and using Telnet on a Newton

Lloyd Conway ssgconway at juno.com
Sat Feb 12 21:22:00 EST 2011

    Yes, Michael, it is nice to find out that interest in the revival of Gopherspace is not dead yet.  (When I had a Facebook acc't, there were only four of us in the 'Bring Back Gopher' group.)
      Cameron Kaiser is certainly the patron saint of Gopher, in addition to his gift of Clasilla t  o the OS 9 community (of which I am a member).
     Your observation about freenets is largely true, but there is, however, one still active in Michigan.  It's the Genesee Freenet, on the web at www.gfn.org.  They offer Telnet, as well.  It's having a gfn account for dial-up that got me to thinking about Gopher and Telnet on the Newton in the first place.  They're light, fast, text-based and ought to be well within the capabilities of our machines to handle.  (They're also nearly out of the general consciousness, which makes them an undiscovered country of sorts to explore.)
     USENET I hadn't thought of.  That might also be interesting to explore. (I don't suppose there is a Newt application...?)
-Lloyd Conway
Charlotte, Michigan

From: Michael Grossman

Nice to see someone else asking about this. I asked a while back but no
one was interested.

Cameron Kaiser, creator of Classilla, has done much (hopefully not all) to
bring back gopher in recent years. Check out floodgap.com.

Back in the day, 1993, gopher was pretty cool for moving text and files
around. Definitely nicer than FTP. (This was before the days of designer
ftp clients like ncftp.) It still might have its uses for underpowered
obsolete systems and local community news freenets. (Sadly, these died out
in my area in the 90s. Hell, I don't even have a landline phone!)

Anyway, I liked USENET, too. Text interfaces were fun and had more of a
community feeling than the Welcome-To-The-Corporate-Machine graphical web
forums of today.....

Hi Simone
>  I wonder how active those parts of the Intenet might be in this day and age?  I
>  see that there are less and less usenet sites are around. WWW has largely
>  supplanted this stuff?
>  Cheers
>  Tony

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