[NTLK] iOS Einstein submitted to the Apple App Store

Larry Yaeger lsynt3 at beanblossom.in.us
Wed Feb 9 19:19:13 EST 2011

Yep, it's still around, although you won't normally see it unless you attach a tablet.  I honestly forget how I did it, but I *think* you can dive down into the Ink.framework inside the Carbon.framework, find either the Ink.prefPane or the Ink.menu (or something like that), double-click it, and one way or the other turn on handwriting recognition.  Once turned on, the Ink prefPane will appear whether or not a tablet is currently attached, and you can even have the Ink menu extra over on the right hand side of the menubar.  I have it turned on on my laptop mostly for nostalgia reasons, as I seldom hook up a tablet these days, sigh.  I miss having a pen around, though, and wish there was a graceful way to use a pen with the large trackpads the laptops have these days.  It's just so handy for quick drawings, for signing things, for math, etc.

- larryy

At 2:06 PM -0800 2/9/11, J.M. Heinrichs wrote:
>It's in System Preferences as "Ink", in the hardware section.
>minicapt1 at mac.com
>On 09 Feb 11, at 10:00, Dennis B. Swaney wrote:
>> On 09/02/11 07:50PST, Griffin, Terence J. wrote:
>>>  So you're saying that the Easter egg was "removed" (or hidden behind "egg egg egg"), but
>>>  Rosetta/Inwell is still in current versions of OS X? That would be cool! Wacom is making some
>>>  pretty cost effective consumer tablets. I might just have to get one...
>>>  My recollection, is that when Inkwell was added, rumors started flying about Apple getting
>>>  ready to make a tablet Mac with at transparent Wacom tablet overlaid onto the display. That
>>>  may have been a possible direction that was abandoned with the improvement of capacitive
>>>  touch screens. I thought I'd read that Inkwell was removed from later versions of OS X.
>> It's still in Mac OS 10.5.8; don't know about 10.6, or if it will still
>> be in 10.7
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