[NTLK] iOS Einstein submitted to the Apple App Store

Griffin, Terence J. terence.griffin at nist.gov
Wed Feb 9 11:00:28 EST 2011

 Yeah, one step at a time. Jay Freeman, the runner of Cydia can probably
 help you figure our how best to put up. 

 Just so you know, there are lots of "developer" items on Cydia that are non-trivial.
 Since one would need a legal copy of the Newton ROMs, I don't know how easy
 you can possibly make it.

 I suppose you could always put it on your own site...

 Best of luck!

 - Tere

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On 04.02.2011, at 16:33, Griffin, Terence J. wrote:

> Rosetta was partially included in OS X Jaguar as Inwell. Someone plugged in a
> Wacom tablet and discovered that the Newton Rosetta Easter egg was there in
> tact. I think it was removed in Tiger.
> If Einstein does not get approved, please consider putting it on Cydia.

I would, but I could not figure out how to get it nice enough to "just work". Well, let's see how the approval process go and keep that as an option. Maybe we find some help?

 - Matthias

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