[NTLK] ANN: USB-001 MacOS NCX Demonstration Video

Knowledge Navigator knowledgenavigator at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 14:53:48 EST 2011

Dear Newtontalkers,

It has taken a while to diagnose an issue we were having connecting to 
NCX on the Mac and finally it has been determined that the issue was 
with the way NCX handles the speed of connections to the Newton.  This 
has been corrected and now there are a number of packages that have been 
created that can be used on the Newton to connect at various speeds on 
the PC or Mac.  The fastest is 115200, whereas the default NCX operates 
at is 38400.

Please view the Youtube video of the connection here:


Please forward any questions to info at newtonsales.com and we will reply 
to you immediately.


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