[NTLK] Newton Museum zip file ETA: A week.

SteveC steve at craftsathome.net
Tue Feb 8 11:02:34 EST 2011


I need a little schooling on this I think.

I was "raised" to ZIP (or ARC or LHA if you're crusty enough to remember
them) anything that goes over the wire because there is a chance a byte in
the middle could be corrupted and you'd need the archive envelope's CRC to
assure integrity of the contents. Maybe DMG already has CRC or similar
functionality, but if it doesn't wouldn't it be safer to even put on minimal
or no compression ZIP just to be sure about the archive reliability?

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On Feb 8, 2011, at 6:39 AM, Valerio Paris Mitritsakis wrote:
> Why not just download the 7zip (free as in speech) and expand the dmg
Because 7zip's handling of HFS can be touchy. On my PC, the extraction fails
about halfway through.

Besides, it won't take me any longer to upload this than it would to upload
the dmg. I can't seed a torrent to any useful amount, but I'll be able to
allow at least 75 direct downloads of this, this month. (I wonder how much
demand there actually is for this stuff?)

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