[NTLK] iOS Einstein submitted to the Apple App Store

Larry Yaeger lsynt3 at beanblossom.in.us
Fri Feb 4 18:21:55 EST 2011

At 10:33 AM -0500 2/4/11, Griffin, Terence J. wrote:
>Rosetta was partially included in OS X Jaguar as Inwell. Someone plugged in a
>Wacom tablet and discovered that the Newton Rosetta Easter egg was there in
>tact. I think it was removed in Tiger.

Unless someone discovered and changed it after I left Apple (I don't have a tablet at hand to test it), even once those eggs were "removed" (by direct order), if you print "egg egg egg" (without the quotes) and it is successfully recognized as "egg egg egg", then all the old easter eggs are revived. :)

- larryy

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