[NTLK] iOS Einstein submitted to the Apple App Store

Clu drclu at swbell.net
Sat Feb 5 09:54:18 EST 2011

On Feb 4, 2011, at 9:30 PM, Andrei Chichak wrote:

> On 2011-February-04, at 8:19 PM, Dennis B. Swaney wrote:
>> And what would you call Newton on a Windows 7 phone?
> Lipstick on a pig?
> Ferrari body kit on a Fiero?
> Little black dress with gumboots?
> Mutton dressed as lamb?

The Ferrari kit on the Fiero is pretty sweet, I've seen it!

The balance of the two is a lot the same.  Give the Fiero a more  
beefed up engine and you are getting there.

Ferrari.. no.  Cool car that looks like a Ferrari for 10% of the  
price?  Sure!!  :)

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