[NTLK] iOS Einstein submitted to the Apple App Store

Dennis B. Swaney romad at aol.com
Fri Feb 4 00:18:12 EST 2011

On 03/02/11 19:58PST, Connor Becker wrote:
> <Punches sky and cheers!>   The more I hear about the Einstein emulator the
> more excited I am about the future.  Here's to hoping Steve will put aside
> his differences and let the Newton platform back on to Apple handhelds.

No, he hates it with a passion since it reminds him of John Sculley. 
Perhaps, once he retires completely from Apple, there will be a 
Newton-type device positioned between the iPhone and iPad, running a 
version of iOS with real HWR.

Dennis B. Swaney

Newton MP 2100
iPhone 3GS

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