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First, reminding everyone that the fun is just beginning. Newton users everywhere should jump right in and see what's happening in the social network we all maintain. Not only here at NewtonTalk, but flickr, twitter, momentile and elsewhere.

Homage goes out to: 

Grant Hutchinson - Photographer Fontographer Newtographer Inspirographer @splorp

Thomas Brand - Yes. We all want websites with an automatic indiglow backlight option, Newton navigation buttons, and interchangeable case designs @eggfreckles

Tony Kan - (our) myappleblog master. Blogging is an art and Tony is a curator of the highest order for Newton  history and research.  @Genghis7777

And now, introducing another fun experiment:

Jonny Applebaum - Importer/Exporter

Mystery, intrigue, suspense, humor and maybe some subtle social commentary.

Jonny Applebaum, disguised as an international traveler and businessman, is not what he appears to be. He carries a FIA issued Newton MessagePad with an array of high tech gadgetry. That, and an undisclosed stipend that could buyout or bankrupt half the developing world governments and still leave him enough money for a venti quad-shot caramel macchiato at Starbucks. (He likes the fireplaces and the free WiFi.)

The story is presented as single comic book panels, or moments. There is no storyline. Other than the introduction above. The story unfolds as non-contiguous, disjointed photo-comic moment-tiles. 

To follow the story, you must follow me, @QuadzillaNET

Additional interesting info. The comic book panels all start as photographs taken with an Apple iPhone 3GS. Each of the photos will contain some part, accessory or function of a real Newton MessagePad or eMate, in action. The photos are processed into sketches using ToonPAINT for iOS. Color is added and other lighting effects using various photo processing apps on my iPhone. The final art is then uploaded and archived using the Momentile app for the iPhone at:


My narration of events happens on twitter: 


You can add your own narration or suggest what happens next by adding your own caption. Remember, this is good clean, fun. Keep it decent. 

Here are the last five moments you missed:

Energizer (Hollow Core) e2 Lithium Hybrid AA's. Trust me fellas. It's like giving Viagra to a bunny.

With all wireless signals being jammed… Paulson pops out his XJack and dials into CentraComm.

She offered me a choice of Styli. At first, I was suspicious. 

“It's a ‘MagicPad!’” She said. “You write your thoughts down and it never forgets.”  

The End (Artist's Self-Portrait)

Let's see where this goes, shall we?

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