[NTLK] OT I need some advice on buying a Mac

Peter Fraser pjfraser at mac.com
Tue Feb 1 12:02:57 EST 2011

What's her budget?

A refurb iMac is the best bang for the buck (great large screen, power, and same warranty as a new unit), unless she needs the portability of a laptop.  If she needs a laptop get a 13" MacBook pro refurb and a larger third party external monitor for the cheapest setup. 

Browse the apple store for refurbs by going down to the lower left hand side of the apple store page and clicking the Special Deals icon you find there. Check first thing each morning because they sell out to the east coast by the time the west coast is awake.

I've bought nothing but refurbs for almost 15 years and have never had a failure of any kind. It's like whatever was going to go wrong already has, been fixed by the factory, and sent back out to you at a great discount from new. 

And all the software comes with it so that's your final cost. Creative Suite would be extra of course.  Use the money you'd spend on peecee antivirus stuff. 

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On Feb 1, 2011, at 8:21 AM, Matt Howe <matthowe at comcast.net> wrote:

> My daughter is a graphic designer and professional photographer. Although
> she learned Creative Suite on a Mac in college, because we are a PC family,
> she bought a PC as her first computer. That PC now needs replacing and she
> wants to go back to a Mac. She comes to her software developer father for
> advice on her next computer, knowing I deal with Apple hardware (Newtons).
> So my question is, What would you advise a young professional power user,
> fresh out of college on a limited budget, buy in the way of a Mac to use
> Creative Suite?
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