[NTLK] NewtonTalk Digest, Vol 27, Issue 38

DPROLDAN at telefonica.net DPROLDAN at telefonica.net
Wed Dec 28 12:54:53 EST 2011

>>  I've been reading about your issues, Warren.    One word,   ViewFrame.   Install it and its plugins and you'll get to the
>> core of the Newton in no time.  I'm going out of lurking/digest mode and try to help you guys as much as I can,  so ask away.
>Funny you mention that one - I found it on UNNA a couple days ago but
>haven't installed it yet.

   It´s like a real time inspector and much, much more.   use the getroot() button,  or write that on the text field :  getroot()   or   getglobals()  will show you everything that is loaded on the newton.

>Thanks very much for the offer. Where I'm running into the most
>trouble is in messaging between frames - it seems that some don't
>receive anything I've sent, such as in the case of a 'status' field I
>put into my test program to let me know where in the code I was/was
>not getting into trouble. If the field updated at all, it was only
>after I'd forced a refresh by tapping in it.

  You have to use the :setValue(frame,'slot,data)  function to change a text in a view and have it display the change inmediately.   You can also send that view a :dirty() message and a :refreshviews().  

>More importantly, though, I need to (1) store and retrieve text (not
>rich text or ink) in a soup - possibly in the notepad soup; (2) load
>that text into a scrollable field - I've got that part working fairly
>well now, actually; and (3) be able to figure out where the last line
>is as text is being entered, basically a live tracking of the Y
>location of the text field as its content grows. The idea is to keep
>the bottom half of the screen clear with the input cursor in about the
>vertical center, and the entered text above that.

>If there are some functions that let me determine text height, and set
>the cursor/caret location based on that, or even calculate the Y
>offset for the height of the text area, I think that would be what I'm
>looking for. That's my current roadblock. I've looked through what I
>*think* are the relevant chapters in the programmer's guide and the
>programmer's reference, but I'm clearly missing something.

  I'll take a look at your code and get back to you.

>I *believe* I was going in the wrong direction with clParagraphView,
>which I was creating in the NTK, rather than dynamically at runtime -
>apparently creating it dynamically is the only real way to make it
>editable. Sigh.

  Things that are stored in a package are read-only.  If you want to edit them,  you have to clone or deepclone them.  look for those commands in the manuals.


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