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Forrest Buffenmyer newtonphoenix at mindspring.com
Sun Dec 25 14:43:51 EST 2011

I have struggled with the Newton/Mac (or PC) backup/sync problem more than I would care to admit...in fact, it has almost driven me completely away from the Newton. Why would I want to keep two completely separate databases (on my iCloud devices and on the Newton), that I can't properly synchronize? I've spent much time researching alternatives--even going so far as to sync to an OS9 Mac and then transfer the data by a variety of Byzantine methods to OS X. Simon Bell has done great work in implementing some limited synchronization with NCX...but having done some reading on this, it's my understanding that because of the way both the Newton and OS X work, it would take considerable effort to make regular synchronization of all four basic data types--names, dates, to-do, and notes--work successfully on a regular basis.

But...I miss my Newton. So, I've resumed using it again, but I'm concentrating more on using the just-purchased DateMan ($10 from StandAlone!) as the principal reason for its use. While DateMan allows the linking of names, to-dos and dates--which would require manually keeping those up-to-date as well--I'm focusing more on the daily chores "to-do" part of it, as we'll see how that goes, for now.

I talk a little more about missing the Newton here, on Newton Phoenix:



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On Dec 24, 2011, at 10:49 PM, Robert Stewart <robertdylanstewart at gmail.com> wrote:

> It's still frustrating that the device in its stock state simply cannot talk to a modern computer. You can't get the packages needed to talk with modern gear onto the device without an old computer or a bootstrap card. That's kind of ridiculous, and I would have to be an idiot to go back to that situation after losing all of my data to it once.

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