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David Neale david at davidneale.eu
Sun Dec 25 14:28:57 EST 2011

Although I certainly do not agree with almost all of what Hiltzik wrote, he did make a reasonable point about PDFs:

> I was excited to think that the iPad might be convenient for reading and annotating these files, and assumed that it came with a free program for doing so, akin to the excellent Preview program embedded in my MacBook's operating system.

Others seem to think that he missed the value of iBooks, but I think not, for he does not only write about being able to read PDFs, but also his need to annotate them, and this, as far as I am aware, is not possible in iBooks. Hence his requirement to purchase a separate app.

The other shortcomings Hiltzik notes seem to be largely of the "personal preference" variety and the article is more of a whine than a review.

David Neale

On 25 Dec 2011, at 06:16, Warren Ockrassa wrote:

> On Dec 24, 2011, at 21:38, "J.M. Heinrichs" <minicapt1 at mac.com> wrote:
>> Apparently Mr Hiltzik's extensive research did not occupy much time.
> My thought as well. No real knowledge of his subject; he missed the value of iBooks for PDFs, as many noted, and he's dead wrong about the onscreen keyboard. I've written something on the order of 50,000 words on my iPad, in the outstanding 'Notebooks' program. (It syncs with Scrivener for desktop, a perfect duo for writing.) His whining about the iTunes store is tired old hat by now, and has been responded to at length in dozens of other fora. I wonder if he even owns an iPad. 
> Really sloppy review. 
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