[NTLK] NewtonTalk Digest, Vol 27, Issue 38

DPROLDAN at telefonica.net DPROLDAN at telefonica.net
Sat Dec 24 13:25:55 EST 2011

>? Is NewtDevEnv a good choice to start developing Newton apps (and does it have a graphical GUI designer like in NTK)?
>~ Vladislav Korotnev

  IMHO, it's better to start with the windows NTK,  it's completely self contained,  you won't need to install any other program to use it fully,  and it's a lot easier to work with pictures, sound,  etc.

>You'll also want to retrieve as much documentation and sample code as you can. UNNA has a nice repository.
> Just be aware that you'll be a bit like a Latin scholar - exploring what is, sadly, a dead language, with its native 
>speakers unavailable to offer assistance. You have to be a bit of an archaeologist. The remaining documentation
> is a bit less than optimal, in my view, and working with it can be frustrating. Added to that is the 
>unavailability of the inspector in the development environment, so you can't trace buggy code when it's running.
> You just get an error number and have to guess where things went wrong. 
>Good luck!
>? Warren ? off console ? w azkrmc.com ? h nightwares.com ?

  I've been reading about your issues, Warren.    One word,   ViewFrame.   Install it and its plugins and you'll get to the core of the Newton in no time.  I'm going out of lurking/digest mode and try to help you guys as much as I can,  so ask away.

>I think there is a Windows version of Newton Toolkit available on UNNA.  Windows 2000 and before to run it and get the benefits of Inspector.
>Tony Kan
    I used to run it under perfectly windows XP.   I'll check with windows 7.

>Which I suppose raises a question for any Newton devs reading this -
>is it possible to create new print formats for an existing app, or
>would you end up having to write a whole app which reads the data from
>the existing soup?

  It's not too difficult to create a new print format for a existing program.  Using Viewframe to read the actual implementation,  exporting code to the inspector,  and designing a new layout.  Which program are we talking about?    I can probably make a small tutorial showing how to do this.



Happy holidays

Daniel Padilla

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