[NTLK] USB-001 and cracked case

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Sat Dec 17 06:44:25 EST 2011

There has been some talk about the USB-001 Cracking cases.  This is the 
first we at NewtonSales.com have ever heard of it.  This board was 
thoroughly tested before manufacture to ensure that the problem that the 
SER-001 caused did not occur.  The main reason for the SER-001 cracking 
cases was a nipple that extended out from the housing directly where the 
MINI DIN was located.  the fix for this at the time was to cut this 
nipple off.  Of note, the added stress caused by this nipple was also a 
reason that the SER-001 could itself be damaged with pins that mounted 
the connector to the board could become dislodged or break off entirely 
rendering the board non functional.  This occurred after repeated 
insertion/removal of the cable into the board.

The USB-001 does not extend far enough outside of the housing to come 
into contact with the housing and therefore no stress on the housing.  
Not only that but the board is significantly smaller in terms of cubic 
mm count then the SER-001 simply by design.   It does seem odd that if 
there were in fact problems with this board cracking cases, that we 
would not be the first to be contacted (as we do provide a warranty) 
instead of posting to the list.  The usb connector on the board is also 
mounted much more firmly then was possible with the connector on the 
SER-001, in fact the entire board is incredibly durable with lessons 
learned from the manufacture of our Dongle Destroyer board.

It is our belief that this is simply an attempt to create FUD to prevent 
the sale of the board.


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