[NTLK] USB-001 and cracked case

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Hi Frank,

A while back, way before Ferdi came up with the USB-001, I had started putting together a USB/serial converter board. To figure out the parameters of where the board should go, I had to figure out how much space was in the case. At that time there was mutterings of the SER-001 adapter cracking the cases.

What I did was take some putty and squished it in the case between the interconnect port circuit board mounting boss and the back cover. There really isn't that much space,. If you use a flat head screw, you end up with a few thousandths of an inch clearance. The more common round head screw will have an interference fit, since the head is above the circuit board. A flat head screw can recess into the hole in the circuit board.

As I had posted back in April, a 1-72 1/4" flat head screw should work. It may be difficult to get a 1-72 in Deutschland, it was difficult to find them in Canada (a 1 inch screw, no problem, a #1 screw, big problem). Perhaps an M1.6 or M2 might work. The thread shouldn't matter since the boss does not seem to be threaded, and #1 thread forming screws would be even harder to find.


On 2011-December-15, at 2:58 PM, Frank Gruendel wrote:

> Hi all,
> some of you reported that the back part of the case developed a crack after
> installing the USB-001. Could those of you who had this problem please get
> in touch with me off-list? I'm currently trying to figure out the reason for
> this problem and (hopefully) a solution, so I'll need all the details I can
> get. A picture of the cracked case would help, too.
> Thanks
> Frank
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