[NTLK] Newton stuff for sale

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Thu Dec 15 13:50:56 EST 2011

Hi gang,

someone asked me to forward this to the list. He would like to sell in a
bulk, and he's expecting about EUR 350. If you are interested, please do not
get in touch with me, but directly with Jens at
M8R__-2w3yjt__ at mailinator.com (remove the four underscores from the
address). A picture (without the included notephone) is here:
<http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9525/newton.jpg>. I haven't asked him if he'd ship
anywhere on the planet, but if he doesn't, I can act as a proxy. The 2x00
Newtons are the German version. If you'd rather have the English version, I
can send you English ROM boards free of charge if you pay for shipping and
send me the German boards back. If you do not feel up to replacing these
boards, I can do it for you free of charge.

- MP 130 with original packaging, complete except for rechargeable battery,
  mint condition. The red round sticker has been removed from the lid.
  Problem: The backlight flickers.

- MP 130, no accessories, no rechargeable battery, almost mint condition

- MP 120/130 charge station with stylus - mint condition

- Siemens NotePhone in original packaging. The AC adapter isn't original.
  The Notephone shows the well-know problem that it doesn't hang up.
  Newton and modem are in mint condition.

- Original (German) Newton MP 2x00 keyboard with bag.

- Another German keyboard without bag

- 3x MP 2x00 rechargeable battery

- 3x MP 1x0 rechargeable battery (one original, two rebuilt with Sanyo

- Misc handbooks and flyers

- MP 2100 German in MP 2000 case with Serial board and 64MB CF-card +
adapter, battery holder

- MP 2100 German with battery holder, Dr. Neuhaus Gipsy Card MNP (cable
missing). Display and case show traces of usage.

- MP 2x00 AC adapter with adapter plugs 

- 14,4 Data/Fax Modem Dayna

- 3com Megahertz 10mbps Lan Card

- Newton case (holds keyboard and Newton)

- 2 memory cards

- 2 serial cables (Mini-DIN - Mini-DIN)

- 2 Serial cables (Mini-DIN - Sub-D

- Keyspan adapter (Serial<->USB) + software

- Newton Backup Utility software

- MP 2x00 dongle

- 8 NiCd-cells (unused) Sanyo 700mA

- Original US-Army belt bag for 1x0 Newtons. The Newton can be used in the
bag. This one's pretty rare I think.

Again, please do not get in touch with me, but with Jens.



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