[NTLK] [OT] Beaming from Newton to Mac?

Aaron Brigati abrigati at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 22:43:26 EST 2011

On Dec 14, 2011, at 5:13 PM, Tony Kan wrote:

> Hi Mark
> My children are going to be the fortunate recipients of a new Wii (oldest is
> 7 yo) and it was one of the first questions I asked too.
> It seems that Sony does it between the PSP and the PS3.  But its reportedly
> limited:  http://psp.about.com/od/hardwarefirmware/a/pspandps3.htm
> We went with the Wii because the games seem more suited for our children
> aged 3-7.
> Cheers
> Tony Kan
> Christchurch
> New Zealand

There are a few games that use Wii - DS connectivity, but not many. I suspect a big part of the reason is Nintendo tried to do all sorts of things with GameCube - GameBoy hookups, and no one cared. Or they said 'well, this is neat, but it's horrendously expensive'.  (Bizarrely, the Sega Dreamcast and NeoGeo Pocket would link up, too.)
You can use the Wii and DS together to download game demos for the DS; I've done that a few times. (In the US. It might be different in NZ, I have no idea!)

Despite all the kvetching you hear about the Wii only having kiddie games, there ARE some good hardcore / mature audience games. Note those aren't the same thing. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn is brutally difficult, but not particularly 'adult-ish'. Other than it would frustrate a child to no end almost immediately. And MadWorld isn't all that difficult, but it has more blood and mayhem than half a dozen slasher flicks.

The only thing I would caution is to make sure to read reviews before buying a game. There are an awful lot of really cheaply made, downright bad games for the Wii. Not that a cheaply made game has to be bad; there are some budget titles that are tons of fun.

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