[NTLK] Footnotes in Works

Mr Jonathan Dueck jonathandueck at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 7 14:27:58 EST 2011

No, there isn't. One workaround you can consider, if you have Nisus Writer, is to use these tags <fn>Footnote here!</fn> around the footnotes, and parse them into footnotes using Nobumi Iyanagas' macros to convert those to and from footnotes on the Mac. Here's the link to Nobumi's site: http://www.bekkoame.ne.jp/~n-iyanag/nisus/note_macros_forNWE2.html

 From: Tony Kan <tony.kan at clear.net.nz>
To: Newtontalk <newtontalk at newtontalk.net> 
Sent: Tuesday, December 6, 2011 11:44:58 PM
Subject: [NTLK] Footnotes in Works
Hi Folks

Does anyone know of a Newton extension that gives Works the ability to have
footnotes or endnotes?


Tony Kan

New Zealand

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