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Tony Kan tonykan at xtra.co.nz
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Over here in NZ, Turkey is almost exclusively a Christmas treat, but after
reading your description Mr Brown I think we'll have to make it a year round


Tony Kan

New Zealand

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I deep-fried turkeys for many years - usually no /fewer/ than 4 at a go,
sometimes both for Thanksday as well as Giftday, since you have to buy so
much fat.

Other than thawing the bird (d'uh), and keeping the cooker away from a
wooden wall (d'uh), the safest way to go is lard: it just does not catch
fire as easily as vegetable oil. Moreover, it cooks the bird much better,
and the bird does not soak it up to become greasy & unhealthy.

I would also just partially cook in oil to keep in the juices, then finish
cooking in the smoker for added flavor - as well as letting any remaining
fat to drain off. Six to 8 birds will let you give away some, and freeze the
rest for a whole winter of great eats... Turkey chili in Feb - yumm...

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