[NTLK] Turducken

Nic Malone nicmalone at mac.com
Mon Dec 5 14:07:17 EST 2011

I heard there are more than a few nasty accidents on Thanksgiving, involving exploding barrels of hot oil and turkey. I prefer my cooking without the potential for 2 storey fireballs.

In a way, the Newton on Android/iOS is like an PDA turducken, or just a turduck maybe (or ducken?) - I'm trying to bring the list back on track, honest!

By the way, I can confirm that the 2010 patch will install, via iTunes, to Einstein on an iOS device (just remember the iPad needs to be connected to iTunes and Einstein needs to be re-opened after dragging and dropping the pkg into the Einstein file sharing window in iTunes).

PS Deep fried beer - with or without the beer can?  ;-)
PPS deep-fried ice-cream. Yes its yummy!

PPPS How about www.DeepFriedNewton.com ?

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