[NTLK] Einstein on Linux (was: write to Tim Cook)

Mark Crutch mark.crutch at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 03:01:31 EST 2011

> Oh, I have Parallels, but I don't have it set up with a Linux developer machine. I don't know when I
> will get back to the Linux version, but I will keep network support in mind.

Of course one of the best features of most Linux distributions is the
ease of software installation (assuming the software you need is in
their repositories). For a basic developer box you should be able to
get one up and running in less than an hour - allowing 30 mins for the
base installation, 5 mins for an "apt-get build-essential" (which gets
you GCC, G++ and make, plus the various bits that they depend on),
another 5 mins to apt-get whichever other libs you need, and 20 mins
leeway to allow for reboots and head scratching.

Yes, I know that simply installing the software doesn't really count
as "setting up a developer machine", but it gets you a lot of the way

Anyway, I was actually more interested in a reply to the first part of
my previous message, if you're able to provide one: do you have an
idea of how different the network code would be between OSX and Linux,
given their shared Posix roots? If they're similar, then network
support would seem to be "low hanging fruit" for the Linux version of


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