[NTLK] The Einnewt (was: The vexed question of Samsung...)

Doug Parker ispinn at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 16:15:35 EST 2011

So with 4.3 degrees of separation, we find someone on the list who has
an inside line to Samsung (or whatever company is the current
frontrunner, hardware-wise) and we suggest to *that* company that they
negotiate with Apple to resuscitate the Newton brand.

That brings both hardware and software under the umbrella of a single,
world-class company, hopefully bringing stability to the new Einnewt
(as has been Apple's approach to controlling both HW and SW). It also
taps into the existing legal department of both companies, so the
lawyerspeak would be expected to progress toward a common end--meaning
both companies make money, a decent, world-class, v2 product is
produced, and we see our beloved Einnewt.

Flame away. :-)


> Slashgear's look at the S-Pen:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jw4wbqIclNs
> A problem for me is that they are using Wacom technology,
> but their implementation still stutters.

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