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Sun Dec 4 14:09:29 EST 2011

~~~ On 2011/12/04 11:32, Tony Douglas at tonyisyourpal at netscape.net wrote

> Allow me to interject on behalf of my fellow countrymen ... ;)
> ...
> ...                                Effectively our culinary rule is, "if it
> doesn't move out of the way quickly enough, let's deep fry it and see what we
> get". ...
> ...

Tony, great reply. 

I¹m a Yank long-transplanted to the UK and married to a fine Scotswoman, and
I¹ve enjoyed the process of becoming acquainted with the agony and ecstasy
of the Scottish people and their history -- both real and imagined.   ;-)

I¹m afraid my ablity to distinguish Scots, Celts and Picts still is scarcely
better than what¹s available in _1066 and All That_.   But my wife long
since has educated me on your points about kilts, tartans and the rest, and
like the Scots I know around me, I was ready **drop** a caber on Mel Gibson
when I heard his execrable accent in the trailers for _Braveheart_.

For the record, last I heard, the Scottish rate of cholesterol-related heart
disease was not only the highest in the UK but pretty near the top
throughout Europe. 

Speaking of deep-frying, I just got back from dinner with some Scottish
friends who happened to mention someone deep-frying ice cream.  Seriously!
I can't even imagine how that could be done.  For myself, I wonder how long
before someone deep-fries a serving of poutine.

And -- Irn Bru.  Brilliant!  I reckon Irn Bru would be a great accompaniment
to poutine.  This could be the beginning of creating a Newtonian
international menu, perhaps with deep-fried ice cream for afters ...


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            -- ref.:  Arthur C. Clarke

(With thanks to Chod Lang)

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