[NTLK] OT ... Re: Blue liberals, was Call for Einstein domain names

Tony Douglas tonyisyourpal at netscape.net
Sun Dec 4 06:32:03 EST 2011

Allow me to interject on behalf of my fellow countrymen ... ;)

[ snip ]

>Well, you know, they also invented haggis.

Would you believe other nations are laying claim to that ? Lots of people seem to not like the *idea* of haggis, but quite like it once they've tried it. Me, I love the stuff ;)

>Any nation that has a history where the men wear skirts expressly so they can rip them off 
>and fight bare-naked  (except for a coating of woad) at a moment's notice

Ah, but we don't. The woad wearers were Picts, and they were damn scary (the Romans couldn't beat them). The skirt you mention is a recent invention. Proper kilts, along with tartan and bagpipes, were banned after the 1745 rebellion. So when King George IV came to Edinburgh in 1822 and wanted to see the highland chieftains in "Scottish National Dress", they had no clue what "Scottish National Dress" was (at this time, the "highland chieftains" were concentrating on gentrifying themselves, and would declare their address as being in "North Britain" rather than "Scotland"). Step forward Sir Walter Scott to invent it for them. Most tartans you see now are hopeless pieces of Victoriana as well.

>considers the throwing of telephone poles to be a casual pastime

Tossing the caber is anything but casual - it's darn difficult (and rather dangerous - especially to any other poor souls anywhere near you !)

> and that eats haggis

yum yum yum !

> is free to deep-fry whatever they want, as far as I'm concerned.

Oh, but we do. Including haggis. Effectively our culinary rule is, "if it doesn't move out of the way quickly enough, let's deep fry it and see what we get". You can tell it's Easter, for example, by the appearance of deep fried creme eggs (chocolate eggs full of fondant).

The proper etiquette, btw, for a deep fried pizza supper is that the pizza be a full pizza, the chips (french fries to our American friends) be put in the middle of the pizza and the pizza be folded in half and eaten like a sandwich.

> If I were heart disease, I'd steer well clear of Scotland.

I dunno, I would have thought heart disease would have considered here a home away from home ! :)

And that's before we talk about sweeties (soor plooms, lucky tatties, bonbons, etc etc) and ginger (Irn Bru - illegal in Canada, and the reason that Scotland is pretty much unique in that Coca Cola is *not* the most popular fizzy drink on sale here...)

- Tony
(Scottish, and proud to say that after years of effort now merely clinically overweight rather than clinically obese !)

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