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G Y gyounk at mac512.com
Sat Dec 3 07:17:57 EST 2011

I appreciate the comments from the group in response to my statement. I worded it exactly that way to see the purpose of why people were wanting to port Einstein to Android. I did receive some negative responses (that was expected) and many thoughtful responses. I do have a more clear definition of what the NewtonTalk group is wanting to do.

List members want:
- The Newton OS on modern hardware (so when they cannot get replacement parts for their Newton hardware)
- Are passionate about Newton OS in general.
- Are passionate about other hardware and software that is available at their disposal. 

I fully understand that with iOS devices it is difficult to replace the OS without jailbreaking the device.  

Christian's response below did really outline the real problem. Even though iOS has handwriting recognition writing apps available, no app developer has made to put that technology to a suite including a calendar, vector drawing mode, spreadsheets, and contacts. Of course Apple has chosen right now to not implement an OS layer of HWR in iOS  and most likely won't.

Some great suggestions that came out includes: 
- Some want to turn Einstein (which is a fabulous piece of software that was created!) into more than an app. 
- Some want to turn existing phones/tablets and run Einstein as just an app so modern functionality (phone, video, etc). are not lost.
- Some want it to just be an app on Android.
- Some don't want people to forget about those who still want to run Einstein on iOS. 
All of these points are valid. I also have a better understanding now of where the NewtonTalk list is wanting to proceed towards.

Don't forget that I too am a Newtonian just like all of you. I still have working Newton devices that I use a lot, started with the original MessagePad when it was available for sale through retail since year 1. Now I use it mainly to show people where technology was in the 1990's and they are always amazed why their device cannot do HWR like Newton can.

Thanks for the great discussion.


> Message: 4
> Date: Fri, 02 Dec 2011 14:20:27 +0000
> From: Lord Groundhog <LordGroundhog at gmail.com>
> I'm not sure how your e-mail helps us as Newtonians.  It looks right now as
> though the ONLY hope to run a future Newton will be Einstein running on
> something like Android.  (Although truth be told, Apple is unlikely ever to
> let any copyright they still hold to be used by any rival, so your e-mail
> won't change much there, I think.)
> It's all well and good to claim that iOS is "true successor" to Newton, but
> as far as I can see, Apple is making the realization of that impossible.  If
> iOS is the true successor, why can't an iPhone do what my Newton does?  That
> discussion is 4 years old, and iOS didn't really win it.
> Apple turned their back on the heart of what makes the Newt.  Fair enough.
> But let's see them at least let us have what they rejected.
> All that said, if I have to choose between loyalty to Apple or continuing to
> enjoy the genius of a Newton, Apple loses.  I'd rather they didn't push me
> to make that choice.
> IMO a better e-mail to Tim Cook would ask Apple to release key patents and
> so on to us.  I suspect we have folks here who would know *exactly* what to
> do with them.  ;-) 
> Shalom. 
> Christian 

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