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> A group would have to be formed (or a single individual) that would arrange
> for the shipment of the parts...of course, if you lived near to Ken you could
> just "load 'em up and move 'em out". Then, storage space would have to be
> agreed on...it would probably be a good idea to form a company for business
> and tax purposes, I don't know a lot about business law, just a guess...and
> the items would be advertised online (eBay? A business website?), invoiced,
> and shipped.
> I also do not want to think of what happens if this goes unsold...landfill?

My feelings as well.  I couldn't bear to think of this stock being thrown

But I wonder if it might not be possible to skip the whole incorporation
business, if it were done as a co-operative or syndicate instead.  Unless
someone actually wants a business of some kind, forming a company could be
over-complicating things, but if no one wants a business and we made sure
all costs were covered, we could skip all the paperwork.

Just throwing out an idea.


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