[NTLK] Einstein, Android, new Hardware, old Hardware

Terence Griffin terence.griffin at nist.gov
Thu Dec 1 12:32:19 EST 2011

Unfortunately, there is no way to let you run your code on your device
without letting you run it on anyone's device. At least no way that isn't
easily hackable. Closed garden implies tight control over devs.

I'd recommend jailbreaking and putting Einstein up on Cydia. It's
not illegal! And at this point, it's not going to hurt your chances of
getting it on the App Store. iOS devices are capable of so much
more then Apple allows. Either use an out of warranty device or
be ready to restore before taking it in for service.

- Tere

Matthias Melcher wrote:
> On 30.11.2011, at 21:23, Jon Glass wrote:
>> As to "running whatever OS I want on my "device"... well, nobody is
>> really stopping you. Go ahead and try. Apple's just not going to help
>> you. That said, I can't imagine spending top dollar for an iPhone,
>> only to load some second-rate OS onto it. Just buy the cheaper phone!
>> ;-)
> No, I can't run SOFTWARE on it. Nothing I write will run on iOS without that license fee. I love iOS, and  its ability to sync perfectly with the Mac. This is still a huge PITA with Android. But for Android, I can just write some code and run it there. No license required. 
> For example, there is a fully functioning free version of Einstein for iPhone and iPad publicly available from us, but you will not be able to run that on you phone without paying 100$ to Apple. 
>  - Matthias
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