[NTLK] Einstein, Android, new Hardware, old Hardware

Joseph Reilly Reilly001os at aol.com
Thu Dec 1 10:46:53 EST 2011

On Dec 1, 2011, at 10:17 AM, Jon Glass wrote:
> IMO, the differences between the Apple Get a Mac ads and the Samsung
> one is the same as between Apple's hugely successful 1984 ad and their
> Lemmings ad. The successful ones--1984 and Get a Mac--poked fun at the
> computer and the companies behind them (IBM and Microsoft), but the
> other ones are aimed directly at their users, essentially insulting
> them. Not that any of this matters to me.

I didn't think about it that way but honestly if I was a hardcore pc user I would've been 
a little insulted still by the "I'm a PC, I'm a Mac" ads.

> I've just been horribly
> dissatisfied with Samsung's hardware through the years. If I were to
> buy Android today (which I'm not likely to), I would buy HTC. They
> seem to make quality hardware, and try to add value software-wise as
> well.

I'd never buy a just released android device, I'd wait and watch/read tons of reviews. I did that with 
the LG Optimus series and I'm VERY happy with it. HTC makes some good devices but they are
a bit far from pure android usually (htc sense) and I like pure android. That being said a lot of the 
carriers that got the Optimus series skined android which just doesn't feel right (i've seen an 
optimus m, which is metro pcs' version skinned like that). You definitely have to be more careful in
selecting an android device (which I learned the hard way) but it is nice to have more device choices
and possibly a new newton (Einstein) :-)

Joe Reilly

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