[NTLK] Fwd: [FS]: Newton Package and Wallstreet G3/540c

Ross Deihm adventuresindining at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 10:24:16 EST 2011

I'm now breaking this up and selling as components. If any item interests
you, please email me off list.

Sorry all, the 2100 has sold....


2) Apple Newton 120 - This was a daily use 120 and still works perfectly
and looks great. Comes with a Newton 2 MB Card, Generic 24 MB card and
COLUMBO'S Mysteries Capers! Also comes with custom Hemp carrying case and
custom Wegner Stylus. Orginal click stylus included as well. AC adapter
included as well. The Newt runs OS 1.2.

3) Mac G3 Wallstreet Laptop - Floppy Drive, CD Drive, Non Working Battery,
AC Power Cord, Apple Talk Cable. Fully functional laptop that has been
taken apart and repaired about twenty times. I'm including a back up
Wallstreet I've been using for parts. I'm not sure of the tech specs. I
mostly used this to get online and get packages to my Newton. Runs OS 9. I
had some deep scratches on the lid that made me realize that the machine
looked better with out the rubberizing, hence the lid is raw aluminum and
black. Sleek! PLEASE NOTE: This baby sometimes need's a little love to get
booted. I suspect the pram is headed out.

4) Mac 450c Laptop - No working batteries (of course), Floppy disk drive,
AC Power Cord. This laptop is fully functional and has Newton back up
software. Works great to back up a Newton via Apple Talk Cable. Runs OS 7.

Pictures here:

Please note this is "AS IS", no warranty etc. Shipping is as needed.


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