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> Samsung's new smartphone ad infuriates me. It featuring "Apple fanboys" ...
> I hate stereotypes! Just because I use and admire Apple products does not make
> me a "fanboy". Instead of taking a higher road (as Apple usually does in its
> ads), why not bash the competition?
> I was always taught that you don't speak badly of the competition (the
> exception being if you quote facts)...instead you talk about the advantages of
> your product.
> ...

Thanks for this Forrest.  Some time ago, I had a discussion with a windozled
friend who expressed similar feelings about the "I'm a Mac" commercials, and
I tried to explain to him that it was just harmless humour and we Mac users
weren't really saying that all windoze users were boring, hapless, helpless,
old-fashioned, dorky people like the guy in the ads.  After all, many of us
also use windoze (in VMWare or Parallels or even in real windoze machines!)
if we have to, so we wouldn't be stereotyping windoze users would we?  And
anyway, there were a whole bunch of parodies on YouTube where the Mac guy is
made to be the idiot, or where the *n*x maestro is mocking them both.  So,
no malice, right?  

As for not speaking badly of the competition, I agree with you completely.
I was raised that way too.  Trouble is, at the same time as my folks were
teaching me that, even back then on our black and white TV I was already
seeing the alternative.  Whether it was Bayer and Bufferin or Ipana and
Colgate or Keds and PF Flyers or any margarine and butter (aka "the higher
priced spread" back then), or any of the others, the subtle messages had
already begun:  not just "ours is better" but "theirs is worse".  And in the
last 50+ years, that's just gotten more blatant and more extreme.

Anyway, your post has given me perspective on his point of view.   I think
I'll call my friend and tell him.  :-)


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