[NTLK] Einstein, Android, new Hardware, old Hardware

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Thu Dec 1 03:59:41 EST 2011

On 30.11.2011, at 21:23, Jon Glass wrote:
> As to "running whatever OS I want on my "device"... well, nobody is
> really stopping you. Go ahead and try. Apple's just not going to help
> you. That said, I can't imagine spending top dollar for an iPhone,
> only to load some second-rate OS onto it. Just buy the cheaper phone!
> ;-)

No, I can't run SOFTWARE on it. Nothing I write will run on iOS without that license fee. I love iOS, and  its ability to sync perfectly with the Mac. This is still a huge PITA with Android. But for Android, I can just write some code and run it there. No license required. 

For example, there is a fully functioning free version of Einstein for iPhone and iPad publicly available from us, but you will not be able to run that on you phone without paying 100$ to Apple. 

 - Matthias

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