[NTLK] MP2000 Screen

Lyle Beckman lbeckm3 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 11:21:53 EST 2010

I will have to get a screen protector and try that.  I've tossed up a couple
pictures at this link if anyones interested in the screen's condition.

Also, the back-light does seem extremely dim, and I sort of have a shot of
that too (hard to get a good one with the camera not using the flash - so
it's a little blurry and blown out!).

As far as what I plan on connecting the Newt up to, right now I'm leaning
towards my Linux machine.  But I do have 3 macs to choose from as well.  One
of which is still running OS9!  I use that one primarily for the kids to
play on - there are still some great educational packages for OS9 that they
love.  I see JKsales has the PC cable I need for it so I'm going to grab
that one and go from there.

Overall my goal is mainly to be able to install software on the Newt.  Not
really planning on syncing much too it, perhaps if I could do some RSS
newsfeeds or something - that would be kind of nice!  Eventually I may add
wifi or bluetooth to it if I get the time and ambition to get that done as
well.  Baby steps right?!

Again, I appreciate everyone's feedback here!  :)


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