[NTLK] MP2000 Screen

Forrest Buffenmyer anasazi4st at me.com
Thu Feb 25 12:45:04 EST 2010

Let me also say, congratulations on your first Newton!

A screen protector is a great idea...but you'd be surprised on how tough the screen surface is! I have two MP2100s...the everyday one I use has some pretty badly scuffed areas--the other has a more serious problem: places where there are small cuts (like someone used too sharp an object on it). Those cuts (or nicks) cause the stylus to "catch"...and it also seems to affect the surface tension on the screen for HWR. They're not the whole way thru, but bad enough. The scuffed screen works far better than the "nicked" one, although overall that one is in better shape.

As for a cable--there's some on eBay just about daily...connection software too (if you want the original disks). Otherwise, visit--http://www.unna.org/view.php?/apple/connection_utils/ForMac/NewtonConnectionUtilities  for Classic, Windows or OS 9. If you're using OS X, you'll need NCX and likely a USB to Mac serial adapter, to connect. (Keyspan makes such a cable.)

Good luck!


>I just picked up my first Newton - an MP2000 from eBay for 24 bucks
>shipped!!  As you may have already guessed - it's not in the best of shape,
>but it is totally functional.  The screen has some serious scuff marks etc.
>on it and I'd like to poke around for a replacement, but what do I need?

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