[NTLK] MP2000 Screen

Lyle Beckman lbeckm3 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 11:30:09 EST 2010

I just picked up my first Newton - an MP2000 from eBay for 24 bucks
shipped!!  As you may have already guessed - it's not in the best of shape,
but it is totally functional.  The screen has some serious scuff marks etc.
on it and I'd like to poke around for a replacement, but what do I need?  I
understand there is the back-light, the screen and the digitizer.  i'm
assuming the digitizer is the part on the very top that you're writing on
with the stylus, and therefore, the part that needs to be replaced.  I see
auctions on eBay for $30 screen replacements but they say they don't include
the digitizer nor back-light.  If it's the surface that is scuffed up and
scratched - would that be the digitizer, the screen, or both?

I'm also kind of liking the back-light replacements on eBay as well - may go
with a white or blue one.  I'm thinking once I get done with just the
screen, I'd probably have been better off with an MP2000/2100 in better
shape to start with, but where's the adventure in that!

I used the Newton to keep track of a game of pitch (cards) and it worked out
great!  HW recognition is so much nicer than my old palm pilot back in the
day!  Next up I need a serial cable and the right software so I can install
packages on it - need 2010 fix badly!


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