[NTLK] overclocking the MP2x00

Forrest Buffenmyer anasazi4st at me.com
Tue Feb 23 20:13:05 EST 2010

Hello, all....

While not wanting to veer off-topic too far...I've begun the process of adding an overclocking feature to one of my MP2100s. I recall there was some interest in this topic a few weeks ago (I believe), and I surmised there could also be some interest in reporting the progress of someone doing it "live"--well, sort of.

I've assembled all the parts I'll need to complete the procedure. I'm following the Planet Stephanie website instructions...really, this looks to be fairly easy (in fact, I'll probably report that it was harder to find all the parts!).

I likely won't be making lots of photos...as she has already done an excellent job wth all that. However, if there is interest, I suppose I could have a few available.

Last night I successfully performed the most difficult part--removing (without causing any secondary damage) the original 3.686MHz crystal. I hope to complete the work tonight...but I have a Personal Shopping appointment at the nearby Apple Store...to discuss purchasing an iPhone. But, that's another story.


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