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Goodwin, Greg P. GoodwinG at aafes.com
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Wow that is fascinating!

So was it a front loading device like today's CD players?

And a video recorder in 1963?   Wow cool.   A lot of programs I would have recorded in the 60's and 70's.

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On Feb 19, 2010, at 7:26 PM, Dennis B. Swaney wrote:

> Anyone remember 45 players for cars? Talk about skipping!

A friend of mine had one in his Mercedes.  The thing I remember about  
it was that it was 'upside-down' - the tone arm tracked the record  
from the bottom.

His family was a bit on the well-to-do side.  The Mercedes and a  
Citroen were hand-me-downs from his parents - He drove them around  
the unused horse track on the family farm (tax haven, probably).  The  
house for the hired help was bigger than the one my parents owned.   
We were 13 at the time.  His father was some sort of VP or something  
with RCA. He had his own 'home' video camera and recorder - in 1963!   
It used one inch video tape. IIRC.  The father was involved with the  
RCA pavilion at the NY World's Fair.  We went to the first two days  
that it was open, and had the office/apartment in the back of the  
pavilion to take breaks in.  Thinking back on that, most of what was  
displayed as 'future' stuff is long since obsolete or bypassed  

  - Don

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