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Lord Groundhog LordGroundhog at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 06:21:46 EST 2010

~~~ On 2010/02/22 06:01, Gary McQueen at GMMcQueen at netscape.ca wrote ~~~

> I've found that dropbox.com is reasonably fast as cloud storage, but I
> must say I haven't really taxed it yet (ie, mostly transfer small files
> one at a time).  
> It's supposed to also install on Windows and Linux systems, but haven't
> tried those yet.

I've been using it for awhile now.  I use it on my Macs, but my wife also
uses it on her work peecee running windoze 98.  It works a treat so far, and
we've been exchanging photos and stuff on it.  I can't see any real problems
with it apart from the fact that nowadays, 2GB doesn't seem like enough
space to have to worry about taxing it.  I suspect you're likely to tax your
internet connection before you tax Dropbox, right up until you hit the
limit.  I have to admit I'm not ready to pay for the extra (more realistic)
space, since I'm not willing to committing anything serious to the cloud.  I
just use it to get large-ish files from one place to another when I want to
share stuff with family or others.



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