[NTLK] Automating Mail/RSS

R A Parker QuadzillaNET at SBCGlobal.NET
Sun Feb 21 15:52:00 EST 2010

On Friday, February 19, 2010 at 2:46 pm Chris Chapman wrote:

> Just wondering if anyone on the list
> uses their newt for getting mail

My Newton use is only slightly waning. I now have an iPhone, and that's 
always online. But I still like writing my emails out, while sitting on the 
couch. It's intuitive, like using a note pad.

I have many interests (Newton, photography, writing, weather, shoveling 
snow, paying bills). The Newton is where I liked writing it all down. 

Prior to acquiring an iPhone, I used my Newton as my primary PDA device. 
Journals, Bills to Pay, emails, Things To Do, contacts, even browsing some 
limited websites. As technology evolved, so did my use of it.

The Newton is still my primary writing device for emails and journals. It 
allows me to write, edit and capture my thoughts in an organized fashion. I 
can set my Newton down, come back to it and continue where I left off.

> /rss feeds

No... Never could find the time to research and understand how to use RSS 
as part of my online flow. All my information comes to me via email. Email 
is my RSS.

> automatically? Like.. charging the
> newton over night and having it check
> email/update feeds at 4am or something
> like that?

That was my favorite part. I had my Newton set to automatically download 
all my emails just after I awoke. By the time I made the coffee and fed the 
cat, my NewtonTalk feed was all ready to peruse. Along with the day's 
weather and news. It was like having my morning coffee and newspaper ready 
to go. I would sit down and relax, for an hour or so, catching up.

Now... for sitting, tapping, reading, organizing, contacts, weather, web 
browsing, flickr, and, of course, music. I have an iPhone.

I still receive and send emails on my Newton, just on demand. When I find 
something interesting I want to respond to, I'll download it and respond in 
writing. That's how I like it.


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