[NTLK] another 1.3 user

Matej Horvat redjazz_slo at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 21 13:05:23 EST 2010

> Wow, I'm surprised by the number of us that exist. I would love to hear what
> all of use 1.3 users are up to with their Newts.

I'm sure there are more of us, but most probably don't know there's still a Newton community.

> Personally I'm an amateur chemist and inventor, and use it for all sorts of
> ideas and technical drawings of lab apparatus (text and drawings on the same
> page! Lets see an iPhone do that!), chemical databases (via Notion), past
> lab notes and general planning and computing power in the lab (metric
> conversions, equations, etc). Although I bemoan that there is
> no periodic table, that I've yet been able to find.

I use Notion too.
For the periodic table, try this:

(PC version)

(Mac version)

It installs into your Formulas app.

> I have an AC adapter for my 120, I assume it can be used across the board?

Yes. All Newtons work with all Newton adapters.

-Matej Horvat


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