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Ryan newtontalk at me.com
Sat Feb 20 14:36:31 EST 2010


Actually, what I referred to is not 5 Email addresses, but 5 Email ALIAS addresses.  These latter are included in the $99 per year.

To add Email aliases, go into Mail>Preferences>Aliases and set them up there.  If you look at my Email address here, it is not my real one.  The one I am using is an alias of my real one.  In this case, my alias is: newtontalk at me.com.  I just switched over from Yahoo...

Thank you,


On Saturday, February 20, 2010, at 10:24AM, "DWDMGUY" <dwdmguy at optonline.net> wrote:
>Having five email accounts is not for the single use of $99 per year  
>but the family use of $150 per year.
>Still worth every penny but just to be clear.......
>On Feb 20, 2010, at 12:52 PM, Ryan wrote:
>> Hi:
>> Just wondering if there are any other MobileMe users out there?  I  
>> got finished setting everything up over the past week, and am pretty  
>> happy.  However, there are some tricks and things to implement to  
>> really make it all work well.  For starters, uploading files to  
>> iDisk via the Finder is really slow, and I don't use the iDisk sync  
>> because I don't want to be syncing from MobileMe>my computer.  I  
>> just want to sync a couple of folders from my computer>MobileMe.   
>> The way some people do it is to sync their iDisk to their computer,  
>> and just use those files/folders instead of using the standard OS X  
>> file system.
>> At any rate, dragging and dropping files to iDisk via the Finder is  
>> painfully slow.  So is having an automated file copy to iDisk via an  
>> Automator script.
>> So I authored a better Automator script for MobileMe: it automates  
>> the copy of just a select few folders over to iDisk via Transmit.   
>> Transmit is so much faster than the Finder for uploading files to  
>> iDisk, and you can select just the files and folders you want to  
>> sync.  I set it up as an iCal plugin, so it runs every week.  I can  
>> change the frequency in iCal.  It only copies over those files that  
>> have been modified within the last 2 weeks.  This means that it will  
>> not copy over all of the files every time the script runs.  It is  
>> working pretty well.  No need for an external hard drive now.   
>> Although for movies and other larger files, the external hard drive  
>> is still not obsolete.
>> Another great feature of MobileMe is the ability to use Email  
>> aliases.  You can have up to 5.  That means you can hide your real  
>> address when, for example, you want to sign up for some service or  
>> online account.  All mail comes into your main MobileMe inbox.  No  
>> need to use other junker addresses from Yahoo, etc.  When you start  
>> getting too much spam, just delete the alias and the mail stops  
>> coming in.
>> Thank you,
>> Ryan
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